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Month / December 2018

Review: The Mask 3-D Board Game

Review: The Mask 3-D Board GamePublisher: Parker BrothersYear: 1994Tagline: Based on the movie how we met This is actually kind of a funny story. I met a fun group of gamers out of the Milwaukee area through Facebook. They have a fondness for vintage, cheesy board games (although they have more discerning taste than yours […]

Review: Heart♥throb

Review: Heart♥throbPublisher: Milton BradleyYear: 1988Tagline: The Dream Date Game how we met Unfortunately I am not one of the lucky ones that grew up playing Heart♥throb. I came to learn about Heart♥throb as an adult! I came to publish this review at this time to align with an interview with Heart♥throb “Chuck” over at Happimess […]

Review: AdVersity

Review: AdVersityPublisher: Fundex gamesYear: 2003Tagline: The Game of Crazy Mixed-Up Ads how we met Bill picked this up on one of his outings because it was a couple bucks and not played; everything was still in plastic. Our group tends to have fun with party games, even if it’s just a play or two, so […]

Review: Clay to Win

Review: Clay to WinPublisher: Coleco IndustriesYear: 1988Tagline: The Only Game You’ll Ever Knead! HOW WE MET This is one that Bill brought home from a day out. So even though I was not the one to make the important decision to spend $2 on it, I certainly would have. The cover is weird and dated, […]

Review: Critter in the Candy!

Review: Critter in the Candy!Publisher: GabrielYear: 1978Tagline: Collect the most MAKE-BELIEVE CHOCOLATES to win – but don’t get the Critter in the Candy! HOW WE MET Bill found this thrifting and was foolish enough to send me a photo asking whether I want it. I couldn’t look it up at the time, so my yes […]

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