Idle Remorse

Month / September 2017

Review: Heavenly Body

Review: Heavenly Body Publisher: MorPro, Inc. Year: 1988 Tagline: A fun way for the whole family to battle the bulge. how we met You guys, this was love at first sight. The scene: a dusty, dark antique shop with a total of about seven board games. Amongst all the usual suspects I pull out Heavenly […]

Review: Barnabas Collins Dark Shadows Game

Review: Barnabas Collins Dark Shadows Game Publisher: Milton Bradley Year: 1969 Tagline: (none) how we met It was one of those tales you hear that you think will never happen to you. My husband and I were driving down the road and saw a sign for collectibles down the road to the right a mile. […]

Review: Circulation

Review: Circulation: An Incredible Journey Publisher: Teaching Concepts Year: 1974 Tagline: Defy Unexpected Dangers at Every Turn as You Complete Your Vital Mission how we met It was a Saturday, and warm. I found Circulation in a thrift store in SE Wisconsin. The cover is dated and funny. I could not wait to get into […]

Review: The Ungame

Review: The Ungame Publisher: The Ungame Company Year: 1973 Tagline: tell it like it is …with how we met My love of old, quirky board games runs deep. My sister shares this appreciation, and she is actually guilty of introducing me to The Ungame. Yes I said guilty. She texted me the first time she […]