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Review: The Chicken Grand Slam Baseball Game

Review: The Chicken Grand Slam Baseball GamePublisher: Adco InternationalYear: 1980Tagline: Featuring Antics of the Famous San Diego Chicken how we met I found this weird game at thrift and, even though I could see that it played like Pass the Pigs, for some reason I wanted it. The game is obscure and simple, and it […]

Review: NASCAR Champions

Review: NASCAR ChampionsPublisher: Milton BradleyYear: 1998Tagline: The thrilling race game of fast cars and big money. how we met I found NASCAR Champions on a thrifting visit where a NASCAR fan vomited their collection onto the entire store. I saw NASCAR clothing, I saw NASCAR puzzles, I saw NASCAR dishes. And there were several NASCAR […]

Review: Casino Yahtzee

Review: Casino Yahtzee Publisher: Milton Bradley Year: 1986 Tagline: The High-Rolling Dice Game how we met There are so many Yahtzee variants out there in this wide world. I like Yahtzee, but for some reason I don’t go in for the variants. The boxes are lovely and I do enjoy the game, so I’m not […]

Review: Dungeon Dice

Review: Dungeon Dice Publisher: Parker Brothers Year: 1977 Tagline: Be first out of the dungeon in Parker Brothers escape game how we met I met Dungeon Dice at a garage sale in Wisconsin in the summer of 2017. It was one of those sales that I wish had an email sign up because I would […]

Review: Eagle Kingdoms

Review: Eagle Kingdoms Publisher: Gamewright Incorporated Year: 1994 Tagline: An Enchanting Game of Capturing Medieval Kingdoms how we met I found Eagle Kingdoms when passing through a thrift shop on the way to a wine tasting. The cover is funny; it does not really do a great job of indicating what the game is like. […]