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Review: Ghost Party

Review: Ghost PartyPublisher: RavensburgerYear: 1992Tagline: Keep on Running… THE GHOST IS COMING! how we met Okay, don’t hate me. I have known about Ghost Party as a game for several years now, and I would have picked it up in a heartbeat. But I never did find it. Until I did. I found an immaculate […]

Review: Grabbin’ Grasshoppers!

Review: Grabbin’ Grasshoppers!Publisher: TycoYear: 1990Tagline: The Jumpin’ Grasshopper Game how we met Grabbin’ Grasshoppers! was dirt cheap and complete, but I still was not going to buy it. It looks fun for a one-time play but is it worth standing in line to purchase? However it has some resale value and so made it into […]

Review: Judge for Yourself

Review: Judge for YourselfPublisher: PressmanYear: 1998Tagline: The Game of Real Life Courtroom Dramas how we met I found Judge for Yourself only recently at thrift. There are a number of law-themed games, and some of them get really high ratings and love. This one gets mediocre love, but I was looking forward to play. I […]

Review: Figure It Out

Review: Figure It OutPublisher: CardinalYear: 1998Tagline: The Game how we met I found Figure It Out at the same stop where I picked up Scavenger Hunt, so you can read more details there if you like. The gist is that it was a stop I’d never made before, and one that paid off because people […]

Review: NASCAR Champions

Review: NASCAR ChampionsPublisher: Milton BradleyYear: 1998Tagline: The thrilling race game of fast cars and big money. how we met I found NASCAR Champions on a thrifting visit where a NASCAR fan vomited their collection onto the entire store. I saw NASCAR clothing, I saw NASCAR puzzles, I saw NASCAR dishes. And there were several NASCAR […]

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