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Review: Snapple Real Facts Game

Review: Snapple Real Facts GamePublisher: PressmanYear: 2004Tagline: The game with an exciting charades twist! how we met There was this time in my life when I never knew Snapple Real Facts Game existed and this time when I knew it did. In the middle of those times, I was in a thrift shop and I […]

Review: Whoowasit?

Review: Whoowasit? Publisher: Ravensburger Year: 2007 Tagline: Reveal the secrets of the speaking animals and find the thief! how we met Whoowasit? caught my eye amongst the rest of the thrift games with its Harry Potter-looking font. It was clearly a children’s game, but I love a good deduction game, and it was electronic! I […]

Review: Detour!

Review: Detour! Publisher: DeMert Company Year: 1999 Tagline: The Ultimate Vacation Game Where Getting There Is Half The Fun! how we met Yep, I bought this kids game at a thrift store for a couple of bucks recently. And then I made my friends play it. It was big and heavy, and I liked the […]

Review: Laser Attack

Review: Laser Attack Publisher: Milton Bradley Year: 1978 Tagline: Attack & Destroy the Dreaded Enemy Laser how we met This is still more evidence that my local thrift shop is magic. No one that visits this small-town shop buys the same games that I do, so it is not important that I go frequently, which […]

Review: Noteability

Review: Noteability Publisher: Tiger Games Year: 1990 Tagline: The name the song game how we met I found Noteability only days ago in a thrift shop near Milwaukee. We were running errands and buzzing around wasting time before meeting up with friends. I was attracted to Noteability by not recognizing it, by the cover and […]

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