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Review: TAPPLE

Review: TAPPLEPublisher: USAopolyYear: 2013Tagline: NAME IT. TAP IT. PASS IT. how we met TAPPLE was almost free, and the gameplay looked quick and fun. I was happy to pay 50 cents to give it a go. I’m pretty sure I even had to run out to the car to grab quarters. Worth it! how it […]

Review: Cue Me!

Review: Cue Me!Publisher: The Games Gang, LtdYear: 1989Tagline: THE EXCITING GAME OF HINTS AND GUESSES how we met Cue Me! still has a price tag on it, and I have no idea how, when, or why I found it. This is not incredibly unusual, but it is unusual. I enjoy looking for games, finding them, […]

Review: Quip Qubes

Review: Quip Qubes Publisher: Selchow & Righter Year: 1981 Tagline: Cross Sentence Board Game how we met I found Quip Qubes at a particularly memorable thrift store visit. For one thing, our entire game group was on this trip, which is very unusual. Then there were two young boys at the store wearing matching gymnastics […]

Review: Vanity Chase

Review: Vanity Chase Publisher: Patomike, Inc. Year: 1988 Tagline: The Outrageously Fun Game You Already Play … how we met I found Vanity Chase in a small shop in an even smaller Wisconsin town. In fact the shop had two copies, neither in tip-top shape. I opted for the copy that appeared to have all […]