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Review: idiomaddict

Review: idiomaddictPublisher: Marbles the Brain StoreYear: 2013? per BGGPlayers: 4 or moreTagline: PLAYING IS AS SIMPLE AS SHORTCAKE how we met I found idiom addict at my local town thrift shop, which doesn’t always have good games but when it does, they are quite random. If you are not sure what an idiom is, the […]

Review: the Vampire Diaries

Review: the Vampire DiariesPublisher: PressmanYear: 2010Tagline: The Game Based on the Hit TV ShowPlayers: 3 or 4 how we met I have had this strange, coffin-shaped game in my collection for several months. I remember finding it at thrift and being unable to fight off the temptation based on box shape alone. Well, and the […]

Review: FIBBER!

Review: FIBBER!Publisher: Maruca Industries, Inc.Year: 1986Tagline: The game that makes it fun to fib!Players: 2 to 4 how we met FIBBER! was a recent post-pandemic purchase of mine at thrift. Bill was okay with the purchase because FIBBER! can maybe sell for a few bucks online (not much, but a few). I was happy with […]

Review: The Racing Horse Game

Review: The Racing Horse GamePublisher: CHH GamesYear: timeless (and not listed)Tagline: A fun day at the track. . .Players: 2 or more how we met I found The Racing Horse Game at thrift post-pandemic, when I finally returned to thrifting (albeit less often). When I saw it on the shelf, I saw a generic-looking box […]

Review: California Dreams

Review: California DreamsPublisher: PressmanYear: 1993Players: 2 to 4Tagline: Be the one to help the “CALIFORNIA DREAMS” reach the top of the music charts…and win! how we met I believe I may have already mentioned the wonderful thrift stop where I found California Dreams in a past post. It was the same trip where I found […]

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