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Review: the Vampire Diaries

Review: the Vampire DiariesPublisher: PressmanYear: 2010Tagline: The Game Based on the Hit TV ShowPlayers: 3 or 4 how we met I have had this strange, coffin-shaped game in my collection for several months. I remember finding it at thrift and being unable to fight off the temptation based on box shape alone. Well, and the […]

Review: FIBBER!

Review: FIBBER!Publisher: Maruca Industries, Inc.Year: 1986Tagline: The game that makes it fun to fib!Players: 2 to 4 how we met FIBBER! was a recent post-pandemic purchase of mine at thrift. Bill was okay with the purchase because FIBBER! can maybe sell for a few bucks online (not much, but a few). I was happy with […]

Review: The Racing Horse Game

Review: The Racing Horse GamePublisher: CHH GamesYear: timeless (and not listed)Tagline: A fun day at the track. . .Players: 2 or more how we met I found The Racing Horse Game at thrift post-pandemic, when I finally returned to thrifting (albeit less often). When I saw it on the shelf, I saw a generic-looking box […]

Review: California Dreams

Review: California DreamsPublisher: PressmanYear: 1993Players: 2 to 4Tagline: Be the one to help the “CALIFORNIA DREAMS” reach the top of the music charts…and win! how we met I believe I may have already mentioned the wonderful thrift stop where I found California Dreams in a past post. It was the same trip where I found […]

Review: Guinness game of world records

Review: Guinness game of world recordsPublisher: Parker BrothersYear: 1975Players: 2 to 6Tagline: Set your own Home Records in the fun-packed HOTTEST MOSTEST GREATEST LONGEST STRONGEST EVENTS how we met I have often seen this one in the wild, in all sorts of wilds really. I have seen it for high prices at flea markets, for […]

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