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Review: Ingenious

Review: IngeniousPublisher: Fantasy Flight GamesYear: 2007Tagline: An Amazing Game for 1 to 4 Brains!Players: 1 to 4 how we met Ingenious had been on my shelf of shame for a long, long time (if you are not familiar with the self-flagellation of board game enthusiasts, a shelf of shame is the term for any group […]

Review: Jishaku

Review: JishakuPublisher: RSV Productions, Inc. Year: 2007Players: 1 or moreTagline: The Game of Magnetic Action how we met Jishaku is probably one of the last games I picked up at thrift before we locked down at home. It’s definitely illustrative of the random games we find at one of the local thrift shops. Prices are […]

Review: What’s Cookin’?

Review: What’s Cookin’? Publisher: University GamesYear: 2008Players: 4 or moreTagline: The Dinner Party Game for Cooks, Foodies and Friends how we met Based on all available evidence, I bought What’s Cookin’? at a thrift shop for $1.99. The game is newer than most games I write about, but it’s also in nice shape and the […]

Review: moods

Review: moodsPublisher: HasbroYear: 2000Players: 3 to 8Tagline: it’s all in the way you say it game. how we met I found moods at one of my normal haunts. Moods is one of those interesting thrift finds where the cover screams generic party game, but yet I have not seen it before. So what is it? […]

Review: The Joke Game

Review: The Joke GamePublisher: All Things Equal, Inc.Year: 2008Tagline: IF YOU DON’T KNOW THE PUNCH LINE, MAKE ONE UP! how we met My sister told me about The Joke Game originally. She found it at a thrift shop and played it with friends for several hours. Since she wasn’t giving it up, I had to […]

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