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Review: Snapple Real Facts Game

Review: Snapple Real Facts GamePublisher: PressmanYear: 2004Tagline: The game with an exciting charades twist! how we met There was this time in my life when I never knew Snapple Real Facts Game existed and this time when I knew it did. In the middle of those times, I was in a thrift shop and I […]

Review: Up the…… Corporation

Review: Up the…… CorporationPublisher: Glass Ceiling ProductionsYear: 2004Tagline: <none> how we met I have a sister, and she is lovely. My lovely sister gifted this game to me. She bought it somewhere that was not thrift, but more like a home goods store or something. If I remember correctly it was around $7 or $8, […]

Review: How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

Review: How To Lose A Guy In 10 DaysPublisher: Paramount PicturesYear: 2003Tagline: One of them is lying. So is the other. how we met I have mentioned previously that I sometimes look at sales sites to see what board games are there. And I don’t know why I do this. I never buy anything. But […]

Review: Whoowasit?

Review: Whoowasit? Publisher: Ravensburger Year: 2007 Tagline: Reveal the secrets of the speaking animals and find the thief! how we met Whoowasit? caught my eye amongst the rest of the thrift games with its Harry Potter-looking font. It was clearly a children’s game, but I love a good deduction game, and it was electronic! I […]

Review: Management Material: Information Technology

Review: Management Material: Information TechnologyPublisher: Zipwhaa, Inc. Year: 2003Tagline: What’s your excuse? how we met I encountered Management Material: Information Technology at a thrift shop, like usual. But it was kind of an impulse buy. It was bagged up and hanging near the line to the registers. I’m not a big fan of the cover […]

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