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Review: Knock Knock Game

Review: Knock Knock GamePublisher: Milton BradleyYear: 1982Tagline: If you know “Who’s There”, you’ll win the Game!Players: 2 to 4 how we met I stumbled onto Knock Knock Game in the clearance cave of Noble Knights games in the Madison area, which makes the game $2? $3? Thrift price. I was dreading playing after looking through […]

Review: The Garden Game

Review: The Garden GamePublisher: Ampersand PressYear: 1996Tagline: A Celebration of Cultivation For All SeasonsPlayers: 2 to 6 how we met When I found The Garden Game at thrift, it was clearly an educational game about gardening. Educational games intrigue me (much more than they should) so I wanted to bring it home and soak in […]

Review: Ice Cube

Review: Ice CubePublisher: Milton BradleyYear: 1972Players: 2 to 4Tagline: The game that uses real ice cubes how we met I wrote in a past review (see Hide ’n’ Thief) how my friend Josh found a treasure trove of vintage games in a single store one fateful day. Ice Cube is part of that story. Ice […]

Review: Homestretch

Review: HomestretchPublisher: Milton BradleyYear: 1974Tagline: The Zany Steeplechase Game with Springy-Leg Horses how we met This was another from an estate sale full of random vintage games at very nice prices. And you tell me: if you open a box and find plastic racehorses with springy legs, would you turn away? Neither would I. how […]

Review: Gargoyles

Review: GargoylesPublisher: Milton BradleyYear: 1994Tagline: WINGED WARRIORS FIGHT A WORLD OF CRIME how we met Bill and I found Gargoyles for $2 in our local town. For some reason, I knew this was a game and recognized it when I saw it. But I have never seen and am wholly unfamiliar with Gargoyles the show. […]

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