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Review: deduction

Review: deductionPublisher: IdealYear: 1976Tagline: THE GAME THAT MAKES THINKING FUN! how we met When I can’t remember where I bought a game, I like to try and explain why I would have purchased that particular game. I know that I got deduction at a thrift shop because it still has the $1.99 sticker on it. […]

Review: Blockhead!

Review: Blockhead! Publisher: Parker BrothersYear: 1975Tagline: Parker Brothers Balancing Skill Game how we met I found Blockhead! on a less-than-memorable stop at a thrift shop. I was happy to find it, because I knew it was a dexterity game that I was interested to try. I feel like Blockhead! is a classic game that many […]

Review: 10-Four, Good Buddy

Review: 10-Four, Good BuddyPublisher: Parker BrothersYear: 1976Tagline: CB Radio Game how we met This one has been on the shelves for awhile and the story of finding it has already been told back with Barnabas Collins Dark Shadows Game. Like many of the games I got that day, the box looks like it has been […]

Review: Up for Grabs

Review: Up for GrabsPublisher: MattelYear: 1978Tagline: The frantic family game of frenzied fingers! how we met I found Up For Grabs at one of those thrift shops that have a 50% off sale going on all the time. The tight shot on the family fun from the cover had me wanting to participate in whatever […]

Review: Intern

Review: InternPublisher: Avalon HillYear: 1979Tagline: Now YOU are the physician! how we met I met Intern through my witchy ways. A few weeks ago I had never heard of the game before. But about once a month I do a quick board game search on sale sites. I’m not sure why I do this. I […]

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