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Review: Guinness game of world records

Review: Guinness game of world recordsPublisher: Parker BrothersYear: 1975Players: 2 to 6Tagline: Set your own Home Records in the fun-packed HOTTEST MOSTEST GREATEST LONGEST STRONGEST EVENTS how we met I have often seen this one in the wild, in all sorts of wilds really. I have seen it for high prices at flea markets, for […]

Review: Ice Cube

Review: Ice CubePublisher: Milton BradleyYear: 1972Players: 2 to 4Tagline: The game that uses real ice cubes how we met I wrote in a past review (see Hide ’n’ Thief) how my friend Josh found a treasure trove of vintage games in a single store one fateful day. Ice Cube is part of that story. Ice […]

Review: Which Witch?

Review: Which Witch?Publisher: Milton BradleyYear: 1970Tagline: OBJECT: BE THE FIRST TO GET THROUGH THE WITCHES’ HOUSE AND BREAK THE EVIL SPELL. how we met This is a story you have heard before, but I always enjoy revisiting it because it was such a fun day. I found Which Witch? in relatively decent shape in the […]

Review: Maniac

Review: ManiacPublisher: IdealYear: 1979Tagline: The Fiendishly Clever Paranoid Electronic Game THAT TESTS YOUR SENSES IN FOUR DIFFERENT WAYS! how we met I met Maniac at the Kane County Toy Show last fall. I was intrigued by the cover when I first saw it, but I decided to wait until the end of the day before […]

Review: Four Sight

Review: Four SightPublisher: Invicta GamesYear: 1975Tagline: a game of the future where success is the power of how we met I found Four Sight at a thrift shop and could not look away. Just look at that stunning cover! I don’t care what’s in it, how many people need to play, what the ratings are. […]

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