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Review: Snapple Real Facts Game

Review: Snapple Real Facts GamePublisher: PressmanYear: 2004Tagline: The game with an exciting charades twist! how we met There was this time in my life when I never knew Snapple Real Facts Game existed and this time when I knew it did. In the middle of those times, I was in a thrift shop and I […]

Review: Snapshot

Review: SnapshotPublisher: CadacoYear: 1989Tagline: A VERY REVEALING GAME how we met I found Snapshot during a long thrifting day last summer. It was at a thrift shop that we have never returned to and probably never will because the contents of the shop are not very gamely. I don’t remember the exact amount I paid […]

Review: National Enquirer Game

Review: National Enquirer GamePublisher: Tyco GamesYear: 1991Tagline: The Outrageously Funny Headline Game! how we met I have been wanting a headline game for awhile now, and I see them every so often. And rarely the same one – they are legion. But I would be hard-pressed to imagine a more appropriate headline game for the […]

Review: Heart♥throb

Review: Heart♥throbPublisher: Milton BradleyYear: 1988Tagline: The Dream Date Game how we met Unfortunately I am not one of the lucky ones that grew up playing Heart♥throb. I came to learn about Heart♥throb as an adult! I came to publish this review at this time to align with an interview with Heart♥throb “Chuck” over at Happimess […]

Review: AdVersity

Review: AdVersityPublisher: Fundex gamesYear: 2003Tagline: The Game of Crazy Mixed-Up Ads how we met Bill picked this up on one of his outings because it was a couple bucks and not played; everything was still in plastic. Our group tends to have fun with party games, even if it’s just a play or two, so […]

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