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Review: The Racing Horse Game

Review: The Racing Horse GamePublisher: CHH GamesYear: timeless (and not listed)Tagline: A fun day at the track. . .Players: 2 or more how we met I found The Racing Horse Game at thrift post-pandemic, when I finally returned to thrifting (albeit less often). When I saw it on the shelf, I saw a generic-looking box […]

Review: Real People

Review: Real PeoplePublisher: Parker BrothersYear: 1991Players: 3 to 6 teams or playersTagline: The Game Where Looks Can Be Very Deceiving! how we met Real People is my favorite type of thrift game find. The cover is amazing, I have never heard of it before, the price is right and the gameplay looks bizarre. It contains […]

Review: What’s Cookin’?

Review: What’s Cookin’? Publisher: University GamesYear: 2008Players: 4 or moreTagline: The Dinner Party Game for Cooks, Foodies and Friends how we met Based on all available evidence, I bought What’s Cookin’? at a thrift shop for $1.99. The game is newer than most games I write about, but it’s also in nice shape and the […]

Review: “Read My [Lips]” Kid!

Review: “Read My [Lips]” Kid!Publisher: PressmanYear: 1991Players: 3 to 6Tagline: Hey, it’s the wild game of unspoken words! how we met Reader, you know how sophisticated my gaming tastes are. I did not buy this game. This is another that Bill picked up unsupervised for $1. We played one night as a group of three […]

Review: moods

Review: moodsPublisher: HasbroYear: 2000Players: 3 to 8Tagline: it’s all in the way you say it game. how we met I found moods at one of my normal haunts. Moods is one of those interesting thrift finds where the cover screams generic party game, but yet I have not seen it before. So what is it? […]

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