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Miscellaneous: 2019 Happenings IRL

happenings irl I made a Happenings IRL post last November, and it seems like annually is about the right speed for me. So here we go! Panic Mode! Yes, again. Still. My card game Panic Mode! arrived on my door step in March, and that was rather exciting. It is hard to describe the feeling […]

Miscellaneous: 11/18 Happenings IRL

Happenings IRL (My friend Stef at Happimess Media uses the phrasing Happenings IRL to talk about her In Real Life goings-on via Patreon, and I am stealing it. Sorry Stef!) October, October, where have you gone? Wisconsin was treated to a nice autumn in October and Halloween’s weather couldn’t have been more perfect to walk […]