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Review: Shark Attack!

Review: Shark Attack! Publisher: Milton BradleyYear: 1988Tagline: THE MOTORIZED RACE AND CHASE GAME! how we met Shark Attack! is a pretty desirable game, so finding the vintage version at thrift is fairly uncommon. We have found a few over the years, so sitting down to play was a must. I wanted to know: what is […]

Review: Dinosaurs of the Lost World

Review: Dinosaurs of the Lost WorldPublisher: Avalon HillYear: 1987Tagline: An Adventure Game for Ages 8 and Up how we met I bought Dinosaurs of the Lost World on the Geekmarket! Bill had played the game years and years ago. After he described it I was eager to give it a whirl. I actually found a […]

Review: Crackers in my Bed

Review: Crackers in my BedPublisher: Parker BrothersYear: 1987Tagline: FIND ‘EM, MATCH ‘EM, FEED ME QUICK GAME! how we met I found Crackers in my Bed at the toy shop in my local town. This town is small, but they have a sweet toy shop with dirt cheap games. Bill bought something worthwhile like Mego dolls […]

Review: Shrieks & Creaks

Review: Shrieks & CreaksPublisher: Western Publishing CompanyYear: 1988Tagline: ESCAPE FROM A HAUNTED MANSION THAT ACTUALLY SPEAKS! how we met Bill surprised me with Shrieks & Creaks last spring or so. He picked it up in decent shape at the Kane County toy show when I was not in tow. This game had been on my […]

Review: Monster Mash!

Review: Monster Mash! Publisher: Parker BrothersYear: 1987Tagline: WHACK ‘EM, THWACK ‘EM MONSTER GAME how we met The Kane County Toy Show happens twice a year, in April and October. I particularly love to attend the October show because it is full of spooky toys, decorations and games. And I have seen Monster Mash! at the […]

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