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Review: The Great Escape

Review: The Great EscapePublisher: IdealYear: 1967Tagline: A CAPTIVATING GAME how we met I found The Great Escape recently at thrift. I picked it up because it’s a giant box and made by Ideal, so it was probably going to be great. When I realized that the happy kiddos on the cover are handcuffed to the […]

Review: Hide ‘n’ Thief

Review: Hide ‘n’ ThiefPublisher: WhitmanYear: 1965Tagline: SURPRISE GAME OF HIDE AND SEEK how we met There’s this thrift shop somewhat nearby that is getting a lot of donations from someone getting rid of their entire toy and games collection. Thrifting Minion Josh originally found this shop and sent the rest of us pictures. The poor […]

Review: Kaboom

Review: KaboomPublisher: IdealYear: 1965Tagline: Balloon Busting Game how we met I am such a sucker for Ideal games. The bigger the box, the better. And here’s how far this addiction goes: I frequently purchase more than one copy because most times they don’t even work. I found my first copy of Kaboom at a thrift […]

Review: Mystic Skull

Review: Mystic Skull Publisher: Ideal Year: 1964 Tagline: The Game of Voodoo how we met I met Mystic Skull at the Chicago Toy Show in spring 2017. It was near the end of the day and most dealers were packing up. I saw Mystic Skull and fell in love (obvi). This dealer had two copies […]

Review: Barnabas Collins Dark Shadows Game

Review: Barnabas Collins Dark Shadows Game Publisher: Milton Bradley Year: 1969 Tagline: (none) how we met It was one of those tales you hear that you think will never happen to you. My husband and I were driving down the road and saw a sign for collectibles down the road to the right a mile. […]