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Review: Lost Treasure

Review: Lost TreasurePublisher: Parker BrothersYear: 1982Tagline: ELECTRONIC DEEP-SEA DIVING GAME how we met Thrifting Minion Josh gave me a copy of Lost Treasure. He found it at thrift one day, and all of the other thrifting minions already had it. Lucky me, again. how it plays Lost Treasure is one of the most interesting vintage […]

Review: Web of Gold

Review: Web of GoldPublisher: TSR under license from Three Wishes LimitedYear: 1987Tagline: A game of daring adventure in an abandoned gold mine. how we met Web of Gold has what may be my favorite game cover of all time. I knew of Web of Gold as a thing, but the only time I ever saw […]

Review: Hide ‘n’ Thief

Review: Hide ‘n’ ThiefPublisher: WhitmanYear: 1965Tagline: SURPRISE GAME OF HIDE AND SEEK how we met There’s this thrift shop somewhat nearby that is getting a lot of donations from someone getting rid of their entire toy and games collection. Thrifting Minion Josh originally found this shop and sent the rest of us pictures. The poor […]

Review: Spy vs. Spy

Review: Spy vs Spy Publisher: Milton BradleyYear: 1986Tagline: AN EXPLOSIVE TUNNEL-BUILDING GAME OF RISK AND RIVALRY! HOW WE MET I found Spy vs. Spy at an Estate Sale in late summer of 2017. We were nowhere near the estate sale, but the photos indicated enough game interest for us to hop right over. We got there […]

Review: Circulation

Review: Circulation: An Incredible Journey Publisher: Teaching Concepts Year: 1974 Tagline: Defy Unexpected Dangers at Every Turn as You Complete Your Vital Mission how we met It was a Saturday, and warm. I found Circulation in a thrift store in SE Wisconsin. The cover is dated and funny. I could not wait to get into […]