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Review: Figure It Out

Review: Figure It OutPublisher: CardinalYear: 1998Tagline: The Game how we met I found Figure It Out at the same stop where I picked up Scavenger Hunt, so you can read more details there if you like. The gist is that it was a stop I’d never made before, and one that paid off because people […]

Review: Happy Festivus

Review: Happy FestivusPublisher: AquariusYear: 2017Tagline: IT’S A FESTIVUS MIRACLE how we met I don’t remember when we bought Happy Festivus or that it had any kind of interesting tale behind it. Bill is a fan of Seinfeld, and I like Seinfeld okay. Playing a board game based on the premise of a single episode of […]

Review: War of the Networks

Review: War of the Networks Publisher: Hasbro Year: 1979 Tagline: Where you sign big name stars… buy and schedule hit TV shows like the GODMOTHER and win Big Bucks! how we met I had heard of War of the Networks quite a long time ago and it has been on my wish list. I never […]

Review: Deception

Review: Deception Publisher: E.S. Lowe Year: 1975 Tagline: The Memory Poker Game how we met I picked up Deception for a buck at a garage sale a couple weeks ago. Between the price, the oh-so-70’s cover and the photo of The Odd Couple (Jack Klugman and Tony Randall specifically) on the cover, I was sold. […]

Review: Cash Cab

Review: Cash Cab Publisher: Imagination Games Year: 2008 Tagline: The trivia game that puts you in the driver’s seat how we met I found Cash Cab on an otherwise unspecial day. I do not buy trivia games. I do not enjoy trivia games. If I can help it, I do not play trivia games. Cash […]

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