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Guest Review: Lost: The Game

Today’s guest review is by Melissa! Melissa is a Milwaukee-area thrifting minion with a lifelong love for gaming. She is one half of the group The Tester Sisters, who are print ’n’ play enthusiasts providing playtesting for games not yet published, rulebook reviews and general honest gameplay feedback. Melissa can usually be found at GenCon […]

Miscellaneous: a love letter to Gloomhaven

[this post contains no spoilers] My Dearest Gloomhaven, Over two years ago you arrived on my doorstep, and you were ambition itself. I didn’t know much about you, but I adored you. I placed you on a shelf of prominence. And I thought about you, read about you. I heard about you. I thought our […]

Review: Harassment

Review: HarassmentPublisher: TDC Games, Inc.Year: 1992Tagline: THE GAME THAT LETS YOU BE THE JUDGE how we met Harassment is a game I found during that silly exercise when I looked at games by year on BGG. Thank goodness I only got through like 2-2.5 years or my wishlist would be even more ridiculous. But a […]

Review: Clarissa Explains It All Game

Review: Clarissa Explains It All GamePublisher: Cardinal IndustriesYear: 1994Tagline: (none) how we met I first learned that a game based on the early-90’s Nickelodeon show Clarissa Explains It All existed when it was covered on the podcast Flip the Table. I am not sure I ever went so far as to add it to my […]

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