Idle Remorse

Month / November 2017

Review: Neighbors

Review: Neighbors Publisher: M&P Distributors Year: unknown but 1998 is my guess based on a quick trademark search Tagline: (none) how we met Neighbors is very much the kind of game I would purchase. It has poor to mediocre cover art, almost no BGG reviews and no information on the box. It is obscure and […]

Review: Don’t Tip the Waiter

Review: Don’t Tip the Waiter Publisher: Colorforms Year: 1979 Tagline: Be Careful, Too many Dishes Tip the Waiter. how we met If you thrift on a regular basis, you are probably very familiar with the feast or famine nature of the hobby. I found Don’t Tip the Waiter at thrift in a strange feast situation. […]

Review: Trailer Park Wars!

Review: Trailer Park Wars! Publisher: Gut Bustin’ Games Year: 2007 Tagline: Live the dream… be a Trailer Park Manager! how we met My introduction to Trailer Park Wars is unique amongst the meet-cutes I have written about so far and will write about in future. Like most board game enthusiasts, I frequently look up games […]

Review: A Question of Scruples

Review: A Question of Scruples Publisher: Maruca Industries Year: 1984 Tagline: (none) how we met If you become a follower of this blog, you will likely begin to notice that one of my weaknesses is a dated box cover (see Circulation review). I must have seen the black & white and gold & white versions […]

Review: Girl Talk Date Line

Review: Girl Talk Date Line Publisher: Western Publishing Company Year: 1989 Tagline: The Talking Dating Game how we met We started out in the car one morning to go thrifting and my husband asked me, “What would you like to find today?” I replied, “Girl Talk Date Line.” It’s not like it happened immediately, but […]