Idle Remorse

Month / January 2018

Review: Girl Talk Secret Diary

Review: Girl Talk Secret Diary Publisher: Western Publishing Co Year: 1991 Tagline: The Game of Sharing Secrets & Surprises how we met I met Girl Talk Secret Diary in a different time, and I was different then. Back in 2017 I would buy anything that said “Girl Talk” on it. One day in a Milwaukee-area […]

Review: Eagle Kingdoms

Review: Eagle Kingdoms Publisher: Gamewright Incorporated Year: 1994 Tagline: An Enchanting Game of Capturing Medieval Kingdoms how we met I found Eagle Kingdoms when passing through a thrift shop on the way to a wine tasting. The cover is funny; it does not really do a great job of indicating what the game is like. […]

Review: Pick-Up Lines

Review: Pick-Up Lines Publisher: Pressman Year: 2005 Tagline: The game that brings out the daring in everyone! how we met Buying this game for a couple of dollars was a no brainer for me. I love party games, I love pick-up lines and I love cocktails. Bonus: it was unpunched, perhaps unplayed. how it plays […]

Review: The Miss America Pageant Game

Review: The Miss America Pageant Game Publisher: Parker Brothers Year: 1974 Tagline: (none) how we met I met The Miss America Pageant Game at an estate sale on Day 2 (50% off day). I found the game in the basement amongst all of the Christmas decorations that also had not sold. I had never heard […]