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Month / February 2018

Review: Input

Review: Input Publisher: Milton Bradley Year: 1984 Tagline: Each Piece Is Preprogrammed, Yet You Control Every Play how we met Well no surprises here. I found Input at a thrift shop somewhere near Milwaukee. I had never heard of the game before but was charmed by the throwback computer chip look. I also like to […]

Designer Diary: Panic Mode | the idea

This entry is about the game Panic Mode! a game of office politics during Disaster Recovery Please download the Print and Play at or find us on Facebook or Instagram @panicmodegame the idea Panic Mode was created as part of a meetup (called Panic Mode) with the East Troy Computer Club on the topic […]

Review: Quip Qubes

Review: Quip Qubes Publisher: Selchow & Righter Year: 1981 Tagline: Cross Sentence Board Game how we met I found Quip Qubes at a particularly memorable thrift store visit. For one thing, our entire game group was on this trip, which is very unusual. Then there were two young boys at the store wearing matching gymnastics […]

Review: Wacky Blasters

Review: Wacky Blasters Publisher: Golden Year: 1990 Tagline: The Game That Will Blow You Away! how we met Oh, it was a fine day. This was also up there in terms of how embarrassed I was in a single purchase. You see, I live near a small town that I do not visit often and […]

Review: Lottery Game

Review: Lottery Game Publisher: Selchow & Righter Year: 1972 Tagline: A get-rich quick game for all the family to enjoy! how we met I have mentioned before that I am a sucker for certain dated covers. I also have the soul of a gambler. And the box is pink. It was always going to happen. […]

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