Idle Remorse

Month / April 2018

Review: Outta Control

Review: Outta Control Publisher: Parker Brothers Year: 1992 Tagline: Hit the Buzzer! Someone’s… how we met I found Outta Control at a thrift shop that seems to always, always, always have something for me, whether it’s for play or to resell. They have this strange atmosphere of popcorn and cleaning agents that seems to cause […]

Review: Do you look like your dog?

Review: Do you look like your dog? Publisher: Briarpatch Year: 2007 Tagline: Are you a Shih Tzu or a Shepherd? Play the game and find out! how we met I found Do you look like your dog? at a thrift shop sitting on a shelf near a Ouija game. I bought both. The woman at […]

Designer Diary: Panic Mode | Breaking rules

This entry is about the game Panic Mode! a game of office politics during Disaster Recovery Please download the Print and Play at or find us on Facebook or Instagram @panicmodegame breaking rules I would never tell any first-time game creator not to follow the common advice on the holy board game Kickstarter blogs […]

Review: Gift of Enlightenment

Review: Gift of Enlightenment Publisher: Veritas Productions Ltd. Year: 2004 Tagline: SOME TREASURES ARE WORTH DISCOVERING! how we met I discovered Gift of Enlightenment at a charity shop in Wisconsin. If you thrift a lot you may understand what I mean when I say that there are some shops that price high and others that […]

Review: Gone Bananas

Review: Gone Bananas Publisher: Lykeable Products Year: 1984 Tagline: Who made the play — her fun loving ID, her everyday EGO or her goal-oriented SUPEREGO? how we met I met Gone Bananas in an antique store in, I believe, Waukesha WI. At an antique store I certainly paid more than I usually do at thrift […]