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Month / July 2018

Review: square off

Review: square off Publisher: Parker Brothers Year: 1972 Tagline: Parker Brothers game of quick connections how we met There seems to be an inordinate number of old two player games with big plastic parts. They all look kind of similar in their presentation. I don’t always pick them up, but I did pick up square […]

Review: Loser!

Review: Loser! Publisher: Cococo Games Year: 2004 Tagline: The hilarious game that encourages finger pointing! how we met I stumbled upon Loser! during a particularly bountiful thrift harvest. It was a warm Friday that I had off work and spent cruising the greater Milwaukee area in search of games I don’t need. Loser! does not […]

Review: Detour!

Review: Detour! Publisher: DeMert Company Year: 1999 Tagline: The Ultimate Vacation Game Where Getting There Is Half The Fun! how we met Yep, I bought this kids game at a thrift store for a couple of bucks recently. And then I made my friends play it. It was big and heavy, and I liked the […]

Review: War of the Networks

Review: War of the Networks Publisher: Hasbro Year: 1979 Tagline: Where you sign big name stars… buy and schedule hit TV shows like the GODMOTHER and win Big Bucks! how we met I had heard of War of the Networks quite a long time ago and it has been on my wish list. I never […]

Review: Laser Attack

Review: Laser Attack Publisher: Milton Bradley Year: 1978 Tagline: Attack & Destroy the Dreaded Enemy Laser how we met This is still more evidence that my local thrift shop is magic. No one that visits this small-town shop buys the same games that I do, so it is not important that I go frequently, which […]

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