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Month / August 2018

Review: The Game for Boys

Review: The Game for Boys Publisher: University Games Year: 2009 Tagline: The Official Handy Game how we met I confess I have had this game for so long I don’t remember exactly where I found it. I feel like I found it on clearance at a discount shop back in Minnesota many years ago (I […]

Review: Lego Creator

Review: Lego Creator Publisher: RoseArt Year: 1999 Tagline: The Race to Build It Board Game how we met I met Lego Creator in the garage of an estate sale recently. The person who had owned this game, and everything in that house and garage, was a collector through and through. Even their lamps were interesting. […]

Review: Roller Coaster Tycoon

Review: Roller Coaster Tycoon Publisher: Parker Brothers Year: 2002 Tagline: Own the rides and build the thrill! how we met I picked up Roller Coaster Tycoon board game for a mere $1.99 at a thrift shop recently. It was a great stop for my collection because I found Roller Coaster Tycoon, California Dreams and Murder, […]

Review: Trial of the Century (1995)

Review: Trial of the Century Publisher: IJP LLC Year: 1995 Tagline: State vs O.J. how we met I had never heard of this gem before and saw it sitting behind the counter at a shop we stopped by. I could see it was called Trial of the Century and my phone told me it was […]

Review: Elvis Presley ‘King of Rock’ Game

Review: Elvis Presley ‘King of Rock’ Game Publisher: Lee / Raymond & Assoc., Inc. / Stephen Wilson Year: 1978 Tagline: “Television, movies, records, and concerts…just as they were when Elvis became the King.” how we met I found Elvis Presley ‘King of Rock’ Game on the top of the game shelf at one of my […]

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