Idle Remorse

Month / September 2018

Review: Fantasy Forest

Review: Fantasy Forest Publisher: TSR Year: 1980 Tagline: A Child’s First Fantasy Adventure how we met I found Fantasy Forest at a thrift shop where we often get lucky, but they also tend to price a lot of board games crazy high – so it’s a crap shoot. Bill spotted Fantasy Forest with one of […]

Review: NSYNC Backstage Pass Game

Review: NSYNC Backstage Pass Game Publisher: Patch Products Year: 2000 Tagline: LOADED with JUICY personal facts you won’t find anywhere else! how we met The sun was shining the day I found NSYNC Backstage Pass Game. It was shining over the whole flea market, and shining over me as I handed over $5 and walked […]

Review: Count Your Blessings

Review: Count Your Blessings Publisher: Family Games Inc. Year: 2009 Tagline: The Game with an Attitude of Gratitude! how we met I found Count Your Blessings at my local town thrift shop. I bought a few other games that day; they seemed to have had someone drop off an abundance of light party games that […]

Review: Chicks battle the Dudes

Review: Chicks battle the Dudes Publisher: University Games Year: 2005 Tagline: A Face-off to see who is the smarter sex! how we met To my surprise, Bill brought this game home from a thrifting trip. We don’t play trivia games like this very often so we are generally all open to giving them a go […]

Review: Casino Yahtzee

Review: Casino Yahtzee Publisher: Milton Bradley Year: 1986 Tagline: The High-Rolling Dice Game how we met There are so many Yahtzee variants out there in this wide world. I like Yahtzee, but for some reason I don’t go in for the variants. The boxes are lovely and I do enjoy the game, so I’m not […]