Idle Remorse

Month / November 2018

Review: Mansions & Money

Review: Mansions & MoneyPublisher: Masco CorporationYear: 1992Tagline: The Home Building Game For Every Family From Masco! HOW WE MET It just so happens that John and Keri are building a house right now. I felt sure that they needed to play this Masco game prior to locking down all the details, just in case it […]

Review: Barbie “We Girls Can Do Anything” Game

Review: Barbie “We Girls Can Do Anything” GamePublisher: GoldenYear: 1991Tagline: Travel the Path that Leads to the Career of Your Dreams HOW WE MET This is another one that Bill picked up at an estate sale. This was a fabulous sale with dozens and dozens of board games that were cheap and in decent shape. […]

Miscellaneous: 11/18 Happenings IRL

Happenings IRL (My friend Stef at Happimess Media uses the phrasing Happenings IRL to talk about her In Real Life goings-on via Patreon, and I am stealing it. Sorry Stef!) October, October, where have you gone? Wisconsin was treated to a nice autumn in October and Halloween’s weather couldn’t have been more perfect to walk […]

Review: Spy vs. Spy

Review: Spy vs Spy Publisher: Milton BradleyYear: 1986Tagline: AN EXPLOSIVE TUNNEL-BUILDING GAME OF RISK AND RIVALRY! HOW WE MET I found Spy vs. Spy at an Estate Sale in late summer of 2017. We were nowhere near the estate sale, but the photos indicated enough game interest for us to hop right over. We got there […]