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Month / February 2019

Review: Care Bears: On the Path to Care-a-Lot

Review: Care Bears: On the Path to Care-a-LotPublisher: Parker BrothersYear: 1983Tagline: A Game of Happy Feelings from Parker Brothers how we met I recently went through a bout of (what google tells me is called) Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon on the topic of Care Bears, meaning I started seeing them everywhere. This all began when I was […]

Review: Whoowasit?

Review: Whoowasit? Publisher: Ravensburger Year: 2007 Tagline: Reveal the secrets of the speaking animals and find the thief! how we met Whoowasit? caught my eye amongst the rest of the thrift games with its Harry Potter-looking font. It was clearly a children’s game, but I love a good deduction game, and it was electronic! I […]

Review: NASCAR Champions

Review: NASCAR ChampionsPublisher: Milton BradleyYear: 1998Tagline: The thrilling race game of fast cars and big money. how we met I found NASCAR Champions on a thrifting visit where a NASCAR fan vomited their collection onto the entire store. I saw NASCAR clothing, I saw NASCAR puzzles, I saw NASCAR dishes. And there were several NASCAR […]

Miscellaneous: Crush Stories!

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single, young woman in want of a boyfriend, must be in possession of a crush. — me, channeling Jane Austen I recently reached out to my social media circle for crush stories. I heard back from more people than I anticipated, and you can see reflected back […]

Review: The Dick Tracy Game

Review: The Dick Tracy GamePublisher: University GamesYear: Timeless (I can’t find a date on the box or rules but BGG says 1990)Tagline: Help Dick Tracy solve crimes, capture the colorful cast of criminals and save the city. how we met Hey guess what, I found The Dick Tracy Game at a thrift shop once. I […]

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