Idle Remorse

Month / August 2019

Review: Hollywood Shuffle

Review: Hollywood ShufflePublisher: All Things Equal, Inc. Year: 2007Tagline: THE MOVIE PLOT GAME how we met I have no memory of picking up Hollywood Shuffle, but it’s a nice, light party game that is a perfect fit for our group. So who knows where it came from. I feel like it’s possible I picked up […]

Review: Dr. Ruth’s Game of Good Sex

Review: Dr. Ruth’s Game of Good SexPublisher: Victory GamesYear: 1985Tagline: (none, but do you need one?) how we met I knew of the existence of Dr. Ruth’s Game of Good Sex. I saw it once at a Half Price Books but left it behind at the listed price. If it is meant to be, it […]

Review: The Chicken Grand Slam Baseball Game

Review: The Chicken Grand Slam Baseball GamePublisher: Adco InternationalYear: 1980Tagline: Featuring Antics of the Famous San Diego Chicken how we met I found this weird game at thrift and, even though I could see that it played like Pass the Pigs, for some reason I wanted it. The game is obscure and simple, and it […]

Miscellaneous: DIY scavenger hunt with your old Betrayal tiles!

I know it’s only August, but those of us that love autumn have already begun our worship. So this post is meant to be early to give you inspiration and encouragement about your own scary-themed scavenger hunt with enough time to make it happen! how it happened Betrayal at House on the Hill gets a […]

Review: Ghost Party

Review: Ghost PartyPublisher: RavensburgerYear: 1992Tagline: Keep on Running… THE GHOST IS COMING! how we met Okay, don’t hate me. I have known about Ghost Party as a game for several years now, and I would have picked it up in a heartbeat. But I never did find it. Until I did. I found an immaculate […]