Review: Crackers in my Bed
Publisher: Parker Brothers
Year: 1987

A boy eating crackers in his bed

how we met

I found Crackers in my Bed at the toy shop in my local town. This town is small, but they have a sweet toy shop with dirt cheap games. Bill bought something worthwhile like Mego dolls while I picked up this and another baby game.

Why did I buy a game for ages 3-6 (with no reading required, which is usually a bad sign)? For some reason I thought I recognized the game from when I was very young. I should have used my eyeballs more to find the publishing date in the store because I was already too old for this game when it came out in 1987. But I bought it. And we played it.

how it plays

So simple! We had four players, so each player started the game with four cracker bottoms. On their turn, players spin the spinner and can choose a cracker from the bed that matches that color. If that cracker half matches one of their cracker bottoms, they match them up and feed them to the weirdo in the bed!

The cracker bottoms
These are all of the cracker bottoms

If there is no match, play passes to the next player. The first player to match all of their cracker bottoms wins Crackers in my Bed!

A hand picking a cracker from the bed
This is how you play!

how it went

Gameplay was quick and relatively painless. It must have been painless because we played more than once in a row. I’m not sure why.

Spinner showing orange, yellow, green, blue and one slice that is combo of all
The spinner

Crackers in my Bed is a memory game. If a player draws a cracker half they don’t need that you do, it’s important to remember where that cracker half is. You might not be able to draw it right away since you might spin a different color, so it really does push memory during gameplay. This probably is a decent game for ages 3-6.

A shot from our play
Our play in action

I didn’t write down any notes or even a winner from Crackers in my Bed, but I feel like I remember matching my final cracker bottom and stuffing it into that child’s face before throwing my hands in the air in victory. So I’m going to say I won Crackers in my Bed.

play or pass

Pass. Sure, pick it up for your 3—6-year-old. But for your adult gaming group that currently can’t stop playing Gloomhaven, this one is better left on the shelves.