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Review: Fat Chance

Review: Fat ChancePublisher: Gamewich, Inc. Year: 1996Players: 2 to 6Tagline: Winner Loses All! how we met I found Fat Chance at some random thrift shop during some random stop. As you can probably tell from the cover image, this is not to be confused with the 1978 Fat Chance in a similar vein which I […]

Review: CNN The Game

Review: CNN The GamePublisher: GamePlan, Inc. Year: 1994Players: 2 to 6Tagline: Cover the World As a CNN Correspondent how we met I know I paid $1.99 for CNN The Game. I know this because the price tag is still on it. I know I bought CNN The Game in July 2019. I know this because […]

Review: Charge It!

Review: Charge It!Publisher: Western Publishing CompanyYear: 1972Tagline: THE FAMILY CREDIT-CARD GAME how we met I found Charge it! just recently for 50 cents. The cover is cute. I like the 70s colors. I looked Charge It! up on BGG and saw that most of the ratings are above-average and it is full of delightful art, […]

Review: Dr. Ruth’s Game of Good Sex

Review: Dr. Ruth’s Game of Good SexPublisher: Victory GamesYear: 1985Tagline: (none, but do you need one?) how we met I knew of the existence of Dr. Ruth’s Game of Good Sex. I saw it once at a Half Price Books but left it behind at the listed price. If it is meant to be, it […]

Review: Judge for Yourself

Review: Judge for YourselfPublisher: PressmanYear: 1998Tagline: The Game of Real Life Courtroom Dramas how we met I found Judge for Yourself only recently at thrift. There are a number of law-themed games, and some of them get really high ratings and love. This one gets mediocre love, but I was looking forward to play. I […]

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