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Miscellaneous: My Magic: the Gathering decks!

I’m still quarantining, and I have this whole Saturday yawning before me. This post probably won’t interest many people, but I’m going to write about my Magic: the Gathering decks! I used to play Magic: the Gathering with a lovely group of people in Minneapolis on a regular basis. About weekly, sometimes more, sometimes less. […]

Miscellaneous: a love letter to Gloomhaven

[this post contains no spoilers] My Dearest Gloomhaven, Over two years ago you arrived on my doorstep, and you were ambition itself. I didn’t know much about you, but I adored you. I placed you on a shelf of prominence. And I thought about you, read about you. I heard about you. I thought our […]

Miscellaneous: 2019 Happenings IRL

happenings irl I made a Happenings IRL post last November, and it seems like annually is about the right speed for me. So here we go! Panic Mode! Yes, again. Still. My card game Panic Mode! arrived on my door step in March, and that was rather exciting. It is hard to describe the feeling […]

Miscellaneous: DIY scavenger hunt with your old Betrayal tiles!

I know it’s only August, but those of us that love autumn have already begun our worship. So this post is meant to be early to give you inspiration and encouragement about your own scary-themed scavenger hunt with enough time to make it happen! how it happened Betrayal at House on the Hill gets a […]