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Review: Lost Treasure

Review: Lost TreasurePublisher: Parker BrothersYear: 1982Tagline: ELECTRONIC DEEP-SEA DIVING GAME how we met Thrifting Minion Josh gave me a copy of Lost Treasure. He found it at thrift one day, and all of the other thrifting minions already had it. Lucky me, again. how it plays Lost Treasure is one of the most interesting vintage […]

Review: Snapple Real Facts Game

Review: Snapple Real Facts GamePublisher: PressmanYear: 2004Tagline: The game with an exciting charades twist! how we met There was this time in my life when I never knew Snapple Real Facts Game existed and this time when I knew it did. In the middle of those times, I was in a thrift shop and I […]

Review: Whoowasit?

Review: Whoowasit? Publisher: Ravensburger Year: 2007 Tagline: Reveal the secrets of the speaking animals and find the thief! how we met Whoowasit? caught my eye amongst the rest of the thrift games with its Harry Potter-looking font. It was clearly a children’s game, but I love a good deduction game, and it was electronic! I […]

Review: Detour!

Review: Detour! Publisher: DeMert Company Year: 1999 Tagline: The Ultimate Vacation Game Where Getting There Is Half The Fun! how we met Yep, I bought this kids game at a thrift store for a couple of bucks recently. And then I made my friends play it. It was big and heavy, and I liked the […]

Review: Laser Attack

Review: Laser Attack Publisher: Milton Bradley Year: 1978 Tagline: Attack & Destroy the Dreaded Enemy Laser how we met This is still more evidence that my local thrift shop is magic. No one that visits this small-town shop buys the same games that I do, so it is not important that I go frequently, which […]

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