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Review: Kaboom

Review: KaboomPublisher: IdealYear: 1965Tagline: Balloon Busting Game how we met I am such a sucker for Ideal games. The bigger the box, the better. And here’s how far this addiction goes: I frequently purchase more than one copy because most times they don’t even work. I found my first copy of Kaboom at a thrift […]

Review: Cash Cab

Review: Cash Cab Publisher: Imagination Games Year: 2008 Tagline: The trivia game that puts you in the driver’s seat how we met I found Cash Cab on an otherwise unspecial day. I do not buy trivia games. I do not enjoy trivia games. If I can help it, I do not play trivia games. Cash […]

Review: Dungeon Dice

Review: Dungeon Dice Publisher: Parker Brothers Year: 1977 Tagline: Be first out of the dungeon in Parker Brothers escape game how we met I met Dungeon Dice at a garage sale in Wisconsin in the summer of 2017. It was one of those sales that I wish had an email sign up because I would […]

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