In a recent comment friend of the blog Stef (of Happimess Media fame – wicked funny and please check out her work if you have not already) asked for “a” picture of my game collection. The pictures I took are not great quality, so I am making up for it by posting over 20 of them. Not your thing? Save yourself and exit now.

Another practical reason shelfies are great for Idle Remorse is that Keri will reference them for months to come. When I say, “Do you have game requests?” she will pull up a shelfie photo and suggest several games from the same general area. I can go grab them en masse and be on my way.

In case you are wondering, we do have a pool table we do not use. It is yours for the low cost of a few games you don’t see in these photos. Pick up only.

OK, here we go.

Loudmouth, Don't Wake Daddy, New Kids on the Block, Apple's Way, Ruffhouse, Micronauts, Dungeon Dice, Pac Man, Bumper Cars, Stock Market Game

Ah, I see a lot of unwritten reviews in this pile.

Spy vs Spy, 10-4 Good Buddy, Go for it, Doubletrack

I have not played any of these gems, yet. Over n out

Boss Monster, Munchkin Steampunk, You are the weakest link, 1 vs 100, Motor Mouth, Personal Preference, the Sinking of the Titanic

An interesting pile… some played recently and some not at all

Topple, Break the Safe, Careers, Cash Cab, You might be a redneck if

Almost all played recently and some waiting for review love.

Loser, Lucidity, Notability, Birthday Cake Game, Pizza Party, Talking Battleship, The Mask, XCOM, Out of Context, Festivus, Instant Replay

We found XCOM the other day complete for $2!

Best in Show, Gift of Enlightenment, Laser Attack, Rhyme Time, Ratrace, Outta Control, Dune, Dominion, Ubi, Up for Grabs

Something in me says Best In Show will be a great game

Vampire Hunters, Codenames, Code Triage, Photosynthesis, Urban Myth

Vampire Hunters is the first miniature game I backed on Kickstarter, and I had no idea what I’d receive in the mail. The brown boxes are also Vampire Hunters.

Doctor Doctor, Titanic, Race to Riches, Stratego, 1313 Deadend Drive, Don't Wake Daddy

Doctor, Doctor was actually kind of fun

King of Tokyo, Xanth, Pandemic, Clans of Caledonia, Trailer Park Wars, Dixit, Terraforming Mars, Battlestar Galactica, Dead of Winter

Another image that covers quite a spectrum. A lot of amazing games here though

Whodunit, Clue FX, Murder to go, Mr. Ree, The Detectives Game, Scotland Yard, Clue Master Detective, Clue Museum Caper

I am a sucker for mystery and deduction games. Here is more evidence of that

Damn you Autocorrect, Who's Having this Baby Anyway, Wildcraft, The Gender Gap, Women are from Venus Men are from Mars

Lots of good memories and upcoming reviews in this pile

MN trivia, Tribond, Luck and Logic, Win Lose or Draw

Probably not the most fun image in the shelfie group but Win Lose or Draw is a good game

Probe, Wits and Wagers, Say Anything, Qbitz, Quarto, Inner Circle, Geoshapes

I do like a party game and here are a couple of great ones

Nightmare, Pictionary, Newlywed Game, Guinness Book of World Records game, Abstracts, Rapid Recall

Bill usually has a method to his filing but I am not sure what this grouping represents

Zathura, Galaxy Trucker, Commercial Crazies, Myst, Senator, Catan expansions

How many basements has Myst been in without being played? I’m coming for you Myst

Girl Talk Dateline, Nsync, Perfect Match, Hidden Talents, Miss America Pageant Game, Barbie Dream Date, Telephone Tag, Heartthrob, Sweet Valley High, Babysitters Club Mystery Game, Party Mania, Mall Madness

Girl games, one of our most played and loved areas of the shelfie

Save the World, Qbert, Hollywood Squares, Showbiz, Careers, Hangman, Gingerbread Man game, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I plan to do a Q-bert review with a very special guest!

Carcasdonne, Catan, Splendor, the Dr. Laura Game, Input, Bob Ross, Monopoly, Atlas Hands, Charge Large, Price is Right, Ahzah, Bingo, Farming Game

I can’t even think of anything to say about this one

Many different games including Fast 111s, Electronic Detective, Dragon Strike, Cold Feet, Shear Panic, Storage Wars, Funglish, Cue Me, Compatibility and more

This has a mix of word games, mystery games, electronic games and Ideal games

The Inventors, Family Ties, Go for Broke, Home Alone, Garfield, Key to the Kingdom, Jumanji, Mandinka, Ungame, Punch Line, Shark Tank, Urban Myth, Don't Miss the Boat and more

Past fun and future fun all captured in one shelfie

Mille Bornes, Arkansas Bluff, Chit Chat and Zombies

All classics

Panic Mode

This is just my Panic Mode prototype from The Game Crafter, still enjoying special treatment in the dining room

Stop Thief, Mr. Who, Touch of Evil, Sherlock Holmes, Networks, Public Assistance, Dungeon, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Outrage, Fog of Love, Dinosaur Island, Grimm Forest, Lady and the Tiger, Dune, Arranged, Mint Works, Corporate America and others

More of the newer ones and ones we intend to play


This is Gloomhaven. It is 22 lbs, takes up its own shelf and is waiting for us

It is worth noting that I try not to review games that have already been heavily reviewed. Because of this preference and my natural tendency to vintage games, on any given game night we tend to play from one to four vintage games. When we do branch out to modern games (like Gloomhaven) or older strategic games (like when Bill makes us play AH Dune) it will not be covered here. If you think it should be let me know.

Questions, comments welcome as well as your own shelfies.