I am finishing up the files for my card game, and my blog is suffering! I probably will not have another review until the weekend, so in the meantime please enjoy this crazy amazing crown.

I thrift a lot, as you know, and earlier this year we picked up an old copy of Risk. It had this crown in it documenting the “Ruler of Risk” going back to September 1974. I absolutely love it, and it remains on that mannequin head even now.

We are going to do something similar for Casino Yahtzee. I’ll be sure to share that monstrosity once it’s ready.

A paper crown saying "Ruler of Risk" in crayon

Names listed on the crown starting in 1974 including King Billy S and Queen Nancy H

More names from 1980-1986 including Queen Rickey the Puma-hearted

Signing off,
Queen Jen the puma-hearted