Review: Critter in the Candy!
Publisher: Gabriel
Year: 1978
Tagline: Collect the most MAKE-BELIEVE CHOCOLATES to win – but don’t get the Critter in the Candy!

Critter in the Candy! cover showing brown chocolates against pink background, very 70's


Bill found this thrifting and was foolish enough to send me a photo asking whether I want it. I couldn’t look it up at the time, so my yes was based on that yummy pink cover. No regrets!


Critter in the Candy! is a simple memory game for children. The chocolates have images on their bottom and roughly half are peanuts and half are cherries. They go face down on the table. Players take turns popping the Pop-O-Matic to see what chocolate they are looking for. You may pop a cherry or you may pop a peanut. 

The pop o matic showing die with cherry up
The gross, old Pop-O-Matic (it works great!)

You choose one of the chocolates and look at the bottom. If it matches your die then you keep it and the next player goes. One of the chocolates has a Critter on its bottom, though, so watch out! If you draw the Critter you must return one of your chocolates to the pile along with the Critter. 

The critter on the bottom of a chocolate
That pesky critter!


We played this briefly during one longer game night. Sure it’s a kid’s game but it’s simple and I think it is kind of fun. It appeals to the gambler in me. Bill won our game but we used the honor system, which I do not recommend for adults. Or kids for that matter. 

Our play showing a hand reaching toward one of many plastic chocolates
Tell me that doesn’t look fun


Pass. I mostly wanted to share this game on the blog in case anyone out there has little ones and hadn’t heard of it. It’s a cute little memory game for young ones, but I’m about 35 years too old for it.